Armando Jacox

Armando is available for consulting in all areas of your roofing business.

As the President of Foothills Roofing and Exteriors, Inc., Armando understands the unique challenges of owning and operating a roofing company.

He specializes in consulting small roofing companies that range from startups to $10 million in yearly revenue.

His focus is on the branding and marketing of a roofing company using video content and digital marketing.

You are welcome to book Armando for consulting, however, when you purchase a video package of $5,000 or more from The Media Lab then five hours of consulting is included in that package and he will fly to you for that consulting.

Businesses that purchase $5,000 monthly video content packages from the Media Lab are considered premium and get extra attention personally from Armando.

Additional consulting and insights gained from Armando includes all areas of owning and operating a roofing company such as working with subcontractors, suppliers, employees, cash flow management, accounting practices, sales training programs, and recommendations to vendor partners that Armando has personal experience with.

Please contact The Media Lab to book a complimentary thirty minute consultation and learn more about working with Armando!