Returning from Hawaii
Returning from Hawaii

As you may have read already, this blog is about my personal experience in the roofing industry.  The audience for this blog are people who need residential roofing services and people who are interested in entering the roofing industry as their profession of choice. 

In the last post I discussed accomplishing a lifelong childhood dream of mine: a Hawaiian adventure. I accomplished this dream by using my past experience in sales and hard work simply in the roofing business.  I also had low overhead because I was single and living in a studio apartment as well as driving a 1991 Volvo stationwagon that I paid $1,500 for. 

Having low overhead when entering this industry is very important.  It takes time for a roofing job to be paid in full by the insurance company and during that time you have to figure out how to make ends meet.  However, low overhead can also make you less hungry and not work as hard as if you had a family to provide for. Since I had low expenses I worked part-time and hung out with friends, practiced yoga, and enjoyed my spare time.  I’ve known new representatives over the years who had families and a mortgage.  They usually have to work very hard day in and day out and become good sales people quickly.  It can be done you just have to be focussed. 

When I returned from Hawaii I was back to square one financially so I had to get back out and canvass neighborhoods. This time I was knocking on doors with a fury.  My first year in business I was constantly regretting my decision to enter this business and questioned often whether I should stick with it or not. Once I experienced Hawaii I realized that this was the right business for me. 

When I returned from Hawaii I also began to realize that I wanted more out of life.  I had spent some years single and casually dating.  I was approaching thirty five at this time and I could see forty right on the horizon. My desire to have a family and a home was growing inside of me.  Within three weeks of returning from Hawaii I met my wife Annie. 

A good friend of mine introduced us and as soon as I saw her walk into the restaurant where we were meeting I instantly fell in love. She was very beautiful and still is. I angled myself so that I could sit next to her and my friend Josh pulled out her chair right next to me because he could sense that I wanted to sit next to her. We talked all night about random stuff.  I ended up getting her phone number and called her the next day and asked her if she wanted to go on a date. 

By this time in my life I was ready to be in a real relationship and Annie was too but I had baggage from my past that I brought with me into the relationship and I had major fear of commitment. I grew up with a single mother and I witnessed my parents fighting terribly.  They disliked each other so much that they couldn’t even talk to each other anymore.  My perspective of marriage and family was distorted due to my past experience. I loved Annie a lot and I wanted to marry her but I just couldn’t get over that fear of commitment. 

I finally got over that fear of commitment after we had been dating for a couple years and Annie became pregnant.  It was snowy morning in Denver so I didn’t have to work. I drove Annie to a doctor appointment and it was supposed to be fast so I waited in the car. I got a call from Annie while I was in the car and she asked me to come inside. I was nervous but not because I thought she was pregnant. I was worried that she had some terrible illness. When she told me that she was pregnant I was relieved and joyful. 

We quickly told our families and Annie’s mom mailed me a diamond that her grandmother had saved for her.  I got the diamond and quickly had a wedding ring made.  We were already looking at rings so I knew exactly what design to go with.  

We got married within a couple months and it was a beautiful wedding.  My older sister Ana invited us to use her backyard which was a resort like backyard. I even had a thought when Ana first bought that house that it would be nice to get married in that backyard. It was a small wedding with our close family and close friends and it was the best day of my life. 

By this time I had been promoted to being a Sales Manager with the company and I took a couple weeks off work during the summer. I had a four person sales team and when I got back the owner Brian congratulated me and walked me into his office for a meeting. He explained to me the numerous problems he was having with the sales people and that he needed me to fix the problems. 

I quickly got back to work and ended up having a great year with that sales team.  My son Bodhi was born in December and we had nice Christmas with our new baby.